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Accommodating lens implant meaning

Noun: accommodating lens implant

Accommodating lens implant meaning:

  • A lens implant containing a hinge that allows for both near and far vision (thus mimicking the natural lens of a young person)

Synonyms: accommodating IOL

  1. John Lewis – The government, both state and federal, has a duty to be reasonable and accommodating.

Sample sentences:

  1. I come from a theatrical background, where, if you’re working on a movie or a play, you always respect the people you work with. You’re accommodating.
  2. I don’t care how handsome or fabulous or funny the groom is, or how sweet and accommodating the bride, or vice versa. Marriage is hard.
  3. My background has been very helpful for this experience. But everyone was so accommodating because they knew it’s not the most comfortable position to be the new kid.
  4. The hardest thing is spending twelve hours a day accommodating the rest of the world, then going home at night and criticizing it. I would be curious about what I’d write if I didn’t have to worry about offending.
  5. The people were just so lovely and accommodating and had really interesting questions and it was just interesting to see how the show is actually received in so many different countries.