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Amazing Facts about human brain

Amazing Facts about human brain

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  • Your brain has 80 to 120 billion neurons.
  • Brain accounts for approximately 2% of a person’s body weight.
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->On an average we have 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day.

->Brain uses 20-30% of all the calories you eat.

->Brain consists of 60% white matter and 40% grey matter where white matter is actually pink color, it’s made up of      axons and dendrites (parts of the nerve cells that can reach all the way from your brain to the finger on your hand), it’s responsible for communication between different brain regions via neural networks.Grey matter is actually pink too and it’s primarily associated with processing and cognition.

  • From all the oxygen that a human consumes twenty percent(20%) goes to the brain.
  • People who ride on roller coasters have a higher chance of having a blood clot in the brain.
  • Once a human reaches the age of 35, he or she will start losing approximately 7000 brain cells a day.
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->If you could harness the power used by your brain,you could power a 10 watt light bulb.

->Brain is about 75-80% water.

->Brain is more active during nights than during day.

->The number of minutes your brain can survive without oxygen before it starts to die is 4-6 minutes.

->100,000 = the number of miles of blood vessels in your brain.



->A newborn babies  brain triples its size in the first year of life.

->The count of brain cells remains the same right from childhood to death.

->Brain messages travel between neurons in just one thousandth of a second.