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Anecdotist meaning

Noun: anecdotist


Anecdotist meaning:

  • A person skilled in telling anecdotes

Synonyms: raconteur

Anecdotist. Anecdotist meaning. A person skilled in telling anecdotes.
Derived forms: anecdotists

  1. Alfred – The ancient anecdotist further says that “the thing was not known until after Plautianus’s death.”
  2. George – The tales of her White chapel origin, and heading mobs wielding bludgeons, are absolutely false, traceable to scandalizing anecdotists like Mr. Rose Mackrell.
  3. William John – Rattenden was an amusing anecdotist and had amassed a prodigious amount of raw material for his craft.

Sample sentences:

  1. A man who was continuously firing off adages and axioms would be as terrible an infliction as the inveterate anecdotist or the everlasting pun-producer.
  2. The anecdotists speak very kindly of his practical jokes.
  3. “Tell us, tell us! delightful fabulist! valued anecdotist!” cried the friends.
  4. The anecdotist adds that from that day Wolfe declined in the favour and confidence of the Commander-in-Chief.
  5. In general, he was no joker, no anecdotist, and had but a feeble appreciation of droll sayings or humorous matters of any kind.