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Apogee meaning

Noun: apogee

Pronunciation: (a-pu,jee)

Apogee meaning:

  • A final climactic stage
  • Apoapsis in Earth orbit; the point in its orbit where a satellite is at the greatest distance from the Earth

Derived forms: apogees

Synonyms: culmination

apogee.apogee meaning. the point in its orbit where a satellite is at the greatest distance from the Earth
The point in its orbit where a satellite is at the greatest distance from the Earth

Quotations: Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin –All languages had their birth, their apogee and decline.

Nicolas Roeg –But in marketing, the familiar is everything, and that is controlled by the studio.That is reaching its apogee now.

Edward Walter –But it moves more rapidly when near perigee than when near apogee, so that its motion differs considerably from perfect uniformity.

Helen Churchill –In the evil days that fell upon Brussels after her apogee, copying her own works took the place of new matters.

Edward Alexander –Yet most people think that tipping has reached its apogee in the United States!

Walter Armstrong –We may, therefore, look upon their epoch as that in which the first Chaldee Empire reached its apogee.

Sample sentences:

  1. With this, however, the apogee of the disease may be reached, and the subsequent symptoms be altogether insufficient in comparison with those which have preceded.
  2. Acceleration of the planets, the increasing velocity of their motion, in proceeding from the apogee to the perigee of their orbits.
  3. This was a state of crisis which should have nearly attained its apogee, and which promised to result in catastrophe.
  4. Were this true, were this a fact, the meanness of political life had reached its apogee!
  5. It must not be forgotten in this regard that Thomas’s career occurred during the period when Latin hymn writing was at its apogee.
  6. The poetry of this richly endowed and imaginative people had at the period of their entrance into Spain arrived, perhaps, at the apogee of splendour.
  7. My love is at the apogee of its flame.
  8. When the apogee of society is reached, attacks from pygmies seem more curious than offensive.
  9. The power of the Emperor reached its apogee in 1870.
  10. During the period in which he was unconscious with fever the horrors of the prison reached their apogee.
  11. In my opinion, the present marks Europe’s apogee, and its immoderate colonial expansion means, not strength, but weakness.
  12. The commerce of Southern Russia had then reached its apogee.
  13. This is the apogee of the interior life, the meeting, the union of the soul with God.
  14. After that there needed nothing more, and my uncle’s luck, which a moment since had trembled to its apogee, shot downward like a portent star.
  15. This incident of the fan marked the apogee of the first stage of Nort’s career in the office of the Star.
  16. My lucky star, when I so decided, was plainly in its apogee.
  17. In the apogee of the river’s noose two girls, clearly seen against the silver glooms beyond, were bending over a basket.
  18. Is the sun or the moon, in apogee or perigee, ascending or descending?
  19. Indeed, it has already set in, even at the moment of the realists’ apogee.
  20. But it is certainly in The White Peacock that this sensation attains its apogee.
  21. The lessons of these teachers, fusing in the demented mind of the monster, produced transcendental depravity, the apogee of the abnormal and the epileptically obscene.
  22. The second measures the distance of the sun from its apogee.
  23. The sun’s rays have most power when they are longest, i.e. when the sun is in apogee.
  24. What a glorious life must have been the university city’s during the apogee of her fame!
  25. Leprosy is the last stage, the apogee of this scourge; but a thousand other ills, less hideous but still cruel, raged everywhere.
  26. The lowest index, fitted with a single pointer, indicates the motion of the moon from its apogee or perigee.
  27. So, I’m neither logical nor sincere; nevertheless, I maintain the opinion that absolute music, not programme, not music-drama, is the apogee of the art.
  28. The cathedral’s apogee has been reached; from now on it will either remain intact for centuries, or else it will gradually crumble away.
  29. He was in Berlin just at the time when the second Lusitania crisis reached its apogee.
  30. The economic revolution just sketched, and which is driving bourgeois society with great swiftness to its apogee, becomes more pointed from year to year.