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BE in CSE(2013) and passionate about blogging.I always see through that everything I post is interesting & unique.I also take care that every bit of info ultimately serves you.Would be happy if I make it into list of people who are known for something special.

Ardor meaning


Noun: ardor Pronunciation: (aar-dur) Ardor meaning: A feeling of strong eagerness usually in favor of a person or cause Synonyms: ardour, elan, zeal Intense feeling of love Synonyms: ardour Feelings of great warmth and intensity …

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Deviate meaning

Verb: deviate Pronunciation: (‘dee-vee,eyt) Deviate meaning: Turn aside; turn away from Synonyms: divert Be at variance with; be out of line with Synonyms: vary, diverge, depart Cause to turn away from a previous or expected …

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History of first windows phone

first windows phone 7 mobile or smartphone from Samsung

We all know that Microsoft failed to get a meaningful market share in the smartphone market. By the time Microsoft started to act, it was too late for them. Both Android and Apple’s iOS are …

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How to set ringtone on Mi phones

Xiaomi Mi devices always standout and the way they are engineered is definitely appreciable. I always wonder how Xiaomi manages to offer great specs and quality hardware in that price range. The camera they got …

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