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Nature and Planets

Amazing Facts about Jupiter

facts about jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it is two and half times more massive than all the other planets combined.  Jupiter is made up of gases and known as gas giant.  It …

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Amazing Facts about Mercury

facts about mercury

Mercury completes three rotations about its axis, for every two orbits of the Sun.  It is the closest planet to the Sun and up until 1965 it was thought that the same side of Mercury …

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Amazing facts about Venus

facts about venus

After the Moon, Venus is the second brightest object in the sky.   Venus is the second from the Sun and the second largest terrestrial planet.  Venus is referred as earth’s sister planet due to its …

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35 Amazing facts about Mars

facts about mars

Mars is often described as the “Red Planet” and named after the Roman god of war.  It is the fourth nearest planet to the Sun.  Mars atmosphere mostly contains carbon dioxide. Amazing facts about Mars …

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28 Amazing facts about the Sun

enervate meaning and facts about the sun

Amazing facts about the Sun. 1.  When all the Hydrogen on the Sun will be burnt by burning Helium, the Sun will continue for 130 million more years.  During this stage, it will expand and …

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30 Amazing Facts about the Moon

facts about the moon

Everyone loves the moon, it is the  natural satellite of earth. Moon Night is observed every year on October 12.  The Moon was formed 4.6 billion years ago. Now let us see some amazing facts …

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35 Unknown Facts about Universe

facts about universe

Amazing facts about Universe 1.  Do you know this? 33 light years from us, there is an exoplanet, which is completely covered in burning ice. 2.  Astronauts say that, space smells like hot metal, welding …

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