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Amazing Facts

28 Amazing facts about the Sun

enervate meaning and facts about the sun

Amazing facts about the Sun. 1.  When all the Hydrogen on the Sun will be burnt by burning Helium, the Sun will continue for 130 million more years.  During this stage, it will expand and …

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30 Amazing Facts about the Moon

facts about the moon

Everyone loves the moon, it is the  natural satellite of earth. Moon Night is observed every year on October 12.  The Moon was formed 4.6 billion years ago. Now let us see some amazing facts …

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45 Amazing Facts about Human Attraction

facts about dating

Amazing Facts about Human Attraction 1.  Do you know that, facial symmetry is considered as a sign of beauty around the world? 2.  A study shows that men who feel hungry often, preferred women with higher …

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15 Less known facts about Android

facts about android and hidden features of android phones

Facts about Android. More than one billion mobile phones are powered by Android operating system. 1.  The Android operating system was developed by Android Inc., in 2004 backed by Google. Later Google bought it in …

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35 Unknown Facts about Universe

facts about universe

Amazing facts about Universe 1.  Do you know this? 33 light years from us, there is an exoplanet, which is completely covered in burning ice. 2.  Astronauts say that, space smells like hot metal, welding …

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35 Amazing Facts about Monkeys

facts about monkeys

Amazing facts about monkeys 1.  Two out of three groups of simian primates are monkeys, which are Old World Monkeys and New World Monkeys. Apes is the other group. 2.  To communicate, monkeys use facial …

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37 Amazing Facts about Dolphins

facts about dolphins

1.  Dolphins don’t drink salt water, drinking salt water makes them sick and can kill them!!  Dolphins get water from their food (fish and squid).  In extreme cases they generate water by burning their fat. …

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25 Unkown Facts about Animals

facts about animals

Amazing facts about Animals 1.  Do you know that Hummingbirds can fly backwards?  Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards.  They fly backwards with their wings beating up to 80 times per second. …

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25 Amazing Facts about Left Handed People

facts about left handed people

Amazing facts about left handed people. 1.  Left-Handers Day is celebrated on August 13th every year as International Left-Handers Day.  It was started in the year 1966. 2.  Men are more likely to be left-handed …

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