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Amazing Facts

30 Amazing Facts about Pi

facts about pi

Before moving into facts about Pi, please check our beautiful collection of facts from all categories which you would definitely love to share with your friends. – Amazing facts from all categories. Amazing facts about Pi …

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50 Amazing Facts about Mexico

facts about mexico

Amazing facts about Mexico 1.  Estados Unidos Mexicanos(United Mexican States), is the official name of Mexico. 2.  Chocolate, chilies and corn are introduced to world by Mexico. 3.  Volcano rabbit, it is one of the …

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50 amazing facts about cats

facts about cats

Facts about cats 1.  Do you know that cats can drink sea water to re-hydrate themselves!!  Their kidneys have the ability to expel the salt, while allowing water to re-hydrate the feline. 2.  Are you …

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50 Amazing Facts about Dogs

facts about dogs

Amazing facts about dogs 1.  Dogs belong to Animalia Kingdom, Mammalia Class, Canidae family. 2.  Do you have a dog? If not make Labrador as your pet, it is the most popular breed of dog, which …

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36 amazing facts about dating

facts about dating

Amazing facts about dating 1.  Do you want to make your first date into a relationship? then think about it, it takes usually Six to eight dates for couples before entering into an exclusive relationship. 2.  Want to …

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35 Healthy and amazing facts about Sex


Amazing facts about Sex 1.  For every seven seconds, adult men think about sex. 2.  The well-known blue pill, Viagra designed to help with erectile dysfunction, made $411 million profits within the first three months …

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33 Amazing facts about Apple Inc


Amazing facts about Apple Inc. 1.  Apple was founded on April 1st, 1976 by Steven Paul Jobs, Steven Gary Wozniak and Ronald Gerald Wayne. 2.  Steve jobs sold his Volkswagen and Steve Wozniak sold his …

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