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Words starting with B

Bedraggled meaning


Adjective: bedraggled Pronunciation: (bi’dra-guld) Bedraggled meaning: In dilapidated or deplorable condition Synonyms: broken-down, derelict, dilapidated, ramshackle, tatterdemalion Limp and soiled as if dragged in the mud Synonym: draggled Quotations: Minnie Driver – I’d prefer not …

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Besotted meaning

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Adjective: besotted Pronunciation: (bi’só-tid) Besotted meaning: Marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness. Synonyms: enamoured, infatuated, smitten, beguiled, bewitched Very drunk Synonyms: blotto, crocked, cockeyed, fuddled, sizzled, soused, sloshed, slopped, stonkered, stewed, mullered, swacked, blitzed Verb: …

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Beguile meaning

cozen meaning

Verb: beguile Pronunciation: (bi’gI(-u)l) Beguile meaning: Influence by slyness. To trick or deceive. To lead by deception. Cause to be enamored. Synonyms: enamor, juggle, hoodwink, bewitch, captivate, allure, delude, cozen Derived forms: beguiled, beguiling, beguiles …

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Boorishness meaning

grobianism meaning

Noun: boorishness Pronunciation: (bor-ish-nus) Boorishness meaning: The manner of a rude or insensitive person Inelegance by virtue of being an uncouth boor Synonyms: grobianism, uncouth, discourteous, unladylike, ill-bred, churlish, gruff Adverb: boorishly Adjective: boorish Quotations: Lucius …

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Buffoon meaning

zany meaning

Noun: buffoon Pronunciation: (bu’foon) Buffoon meaning: A rude or vulgar fool. A person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior. Synonyms: clown, zany, goof, cuckoo, fathead, Merry Andrew, droll Quotations: Michael Chiklis – Curly was very …

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Blitz meaning

blitz meaning

Noun: blitz Pronunciation: (blits) Blitz meaning: A military attack in which many bombs are dropped from airplanes. A swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment. Synonyms: blitzkrieg A fast and powerful effort. Synonym: …

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Bruiser meaning

Noun: bruiser Pronunciation: (broo-zu) Bruiser meaning: A large and strong and heavyset man. Synonyms: pugilist, bull, strapper, Samson Bruiser Quotations: Ralph Waldo Emerson – In politics and in trade, bruisers and pirates are of better …

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Bait meaning

bait meaning

Noun: bait Pronunciation: (beyt) Bait meaning: Anything that serves as an enticement. Synonyms: hook, lure, sweetener Something used to lure fish or other animals into danger so they can be trapped or killed. Synonyms: decoy, …

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Brook meaning

creek meaning

Noun: brook Pronunciation: (bruk) Brook meaning: A natural stream of water smaller than a river and often a tributary of a river. Synonyms: creek Verb: brook Brook meaning: Put up with something or somebody unpleasant. …

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Brogue meaning

brogan meaning

Noun: brogue Pronunciation: (browg) Brogue meaning: A thick and heavy shoe Synonyms: brogan, clodhopper, work shoe Quotations: David Bailey –  Good shoes are important. I wear English brogues in a wide fitting. They last me …

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