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Evolution of Android OS

facts about android

Evolution of Android OS The most popular Operating System for mobiles at the moment is Android, which was launched by Google way back in 2008. Android is an open source operating system written in Linux …

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Evolution of Windows OS

Evolution Of Windows OS Windows Operating System was launched in 1985 by Microsoft and since then it has been the most popular and user friendly operating system. It was the first Graphical User Interface operating …

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Evolution of Facebook

Nowadays the most popular buzzword among youths is Facebook. It is an online social networking site used for sharing information, searching for friends in your location and visualization of your social network. It was the brainchild of …

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Evolution of Hummer


Evolution of Hummer – Know how the Humvee went civilian The American military needed a general purpose and efficient vehicle to move their armed forces and military equipment.They needed a better replacement to Jeep ( …

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Evolution of iOS

As you all know iOS is the most popular operating system for the mobile in the world. It was designed by the Apple Inc., a California based IT giant, in 2007 and was initially launched …

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Evolution of Computer: Infographics

For better understanding of any information, Infographics are used. Information graphics or  Infographics are basically a graphical or pictorial representation of information in a chronological timeline. They are mainly used with an intention to simplify …

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Evolution of Computers

Before learning about evolution of computers, first let us know the definition of a computer. A computer is an electronic device used for storing and processing data and carrying out sequence of operations. In short, …

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