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Fastuous meaning

fastuous meaning

Adjective: fastuous Pronunciation: (fas-choo-us) Fastuous meaning: Proud; haughty; disdainful; arrogant Ostentatious or very showy. Synonyms: ostentatious, haughty, disdainful, scornful Related terms: fastuousness Quotations: Loren Berengere – It’s not fastuous, not circuitous, and not hotchpotch. It’s …

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Fatigue meaning

enervate meaning and facts about the sun

Noun: fatigue Pronunciation: (fu’teeg) Fatigue meaning: Temporary loss of strength and energy resulting from hard physical or mental work. Synonyms: weariness, tiredness, enervate Used of materials (especially metals) in a weakened state caused by long …

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Featherbed meaning


Noun: featherbed Pronunciation: (fe-dhu,bed) Featherbed meaning: A mattress stuffed with feathers. Synonym: feather bed Verb: featherbed Featherbed meaning: Treat with excessive indulgence. Synonyms: cocker, coddle, cosset, indulge, mollycoddle, pamper, baby, spoil Hire more workers than …

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Faze meaning

faze meaning

Verb: faze Pronunciation: (feyz) Faze meaning: Disturb the composure of or to cause to feel afraid or uncertain. Synonyms: enervate, rattle, unnerve, abash, confound, discomfit, disconcert, fluster, mortify, nonplus Quotations: Alan Trammell – It’s not …

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Fiasco meaning

dead duck meaning

Noun: fiasco Pronunciation: (fee’as-kow) Fiasco meaning: A disastrous or embarrassing failure. Synonyms: debacle, collapse Quotations:  Edwina Pendarvis – I’ve really enjoyed it. I especially like working with the students and professors. But, what was most stressful was …

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Facsimile meaning

facsimile meaning

Noun: facsimile Pronunciation: (fak’si-mu-lee) Facsimile meaning: An exact copy or reproduction. A system of transmitting and reproducing graphic matter by means of signals sent over telephone lines. Synonyms: carbon copy, fax machine Quotations:Michael J. Fox …

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Fratricide meaning

fratricide meaning

Noun: fratricide Pronunciation: (fra-tri,sid) Fratricide meaning: A person who murders their brother or sister. Fire that injures or kills an ally. The murder of your sibling. Synonyms: murderer, man slayer. Quotations: Jim Albaugh – On the positive side, …

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Freckle meaning

freckle meaning

Noun: freckle Pronunciation: (fre-kul) Freckle meaning: A small brownish spot (of the pigment melanin) on the skin Synonyms: lentigo Verb: freckle Freckle meaning: Become freckled or marked with freckles Derived forms: freckled, freckles, freckling Quotations: Dorothy …

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Facade meaning

facade meaning

Noun: facade Pronunciation: (fu’saad) Facade meaning: The face or front of a building. A false, superficial, or artificial appearance or effect. Synonyms: exterior, forehead, face, forepart. Quotations: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross –  It is not the end of the physical body …

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facet meaning


Noun: facet Pronunciation: (fa-sit) Facet meaning: a small plane surface or one side of something many-sided (as on a cut gemstone).  Synonyms : plane, side, part.  Sample sentence: A facet could also be a smooth, flat area on a hard surface,especially on a bone. a …

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