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Words starting with J

Judicious meaning

Swami Vivekananda

Adjective: judicious Pronunciation: (joo’di-shus) Judicious meaning: Marked by the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters. Synonyms: wise, sage, mentor, sensible, prudent, sagacious, enlightened Quotations: Voltaire – Originality is nothing by judicious …

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Jubilant meaning

jubilant meaning

Adjective: jubilant Pronunciation: (joo-bu-lunt) Jubilant meaning: Joyful and very proud especially because of triumph or success. Full of high spirited delight. Synonyms: exultant, prideful, rejoicing, triumphal, elated, gleeful. Quotations: Quincy Krosby – This was a classic case of what’s …

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Jettison meaning

jettison meaning

Verb: jettison Pronunciation: (je-ti-sun) Jettison meaning: To get rid of as superfluous or encumbering. To drop from a spacecraft or fighter jet in flight. Synonyms: discard, dispose, riddance, throw, junking, scrapping. Derived forms: jettisons, jettisoning, …

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Jargon meaning

jargon meaning

Noun: jargon Pronunciation: (jaa(r)-gun) Jargon meaning: Specialized technical terminology or characteristic idiom of a special activity or group. Obscure language marked by circumlocutions and long words. Characteristic language of a particular group. Synonyms: argot, cant, lingo, …

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Jaunt meaning

jaunt meaning

Verb: jaunt Pronunciation: (jont) Jaunt meaning:Make a trip for pleasure or a journey taken for pleasure. Synonyms: excursion, expedition, travel, trip, outing Verb: jaunt Jaunt meaning: Make a trip for pleasure Derived forms: jaunts, jaunted, …

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Jostle meaning

jostle meaning

Verb: jostle Pronunciation: (jo-sul) Jostle meaning:  Come into a very rough contact with while moving. To make one’s way by pushing and shoving. Synonyms: bulldoze, elbow, push, bore, shoulder Noun: jostle Jostle meaning: The act …

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Juggernaut meaning

juggernaut meaning

Noun: juggernaut Pronunciation: (‘ju`-gur,not) Juggernaut meaning: A massive unstoppable force that seems to crush everything in its way. Synonyms: steamroller, blitz, crusade Quotations: Matthew Vaughn – It’s a juggernaut, yeah but I’m not phased by making movies. E. …

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Joust meaning

Description: Jousting is a martial game or hastilude between two horsemen and using lances, often as part of a tournament. The primary aim is to strike the opponent with the lance while riding towards him at high speed, if possible …

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