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Quarantine meaning

quarantine meaning

Noun: quarantine Pronunciation:  (‘kwór-un,teen) Quarantine meaning: A strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease. The period of time during which a person or animal that has a disease is kept away from others to prevent the disease from spreading. Synonyms: isolation, closing off …

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Quorum meaning

quorum meaning

Noun: quorum Pronunciation: (kwo-rum) Quorum meaning: A gathering of the minimal number of members of an organization to conduct business or a select group. A Mormon body comprising those in the same grade of priesthood. …

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Quiver meaning

quiver meaning

Noun: quiver Pronunciation: (kwi-vu(r)) Quiver meaning: A case for carrying or holding arrows. A shaky motion. Sensation of fright. The act of vibrating Verb: quiver Quiver meaning: To shake or shiver because of fear, cold, …

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Queue meaning

queue meaning

Noun: queue Pronunciation:  (kyoo) Queue meaning: A line of people or vehicles waiting for something. A series of instructions that are stored in a computer so that they can be processed later. Synonyms: Line up, file, series, order, concatenation. Verb: queue Queue …

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Quatrain meaning

quatrain meaning

Noun: quatrain Pronunciation:  ( ‘kwó,treyn ) Quatrain meaning: A poem or verse that has four lines. Synonyms: Stanza, verse. Few quatrains to read : How to kindle a fire in the soul and burn oneself for on’s beloved …

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Quaff meaning

quaff meaning

Noun: quaff Pronunciation: ( kwóf ) Quaff meaning: To drink a large amount of a beverage copiously and heartily. To swallow hurriedly, greedily or in one draught. Synonyms: swallow, gulp, swig, guzzle. Noun: quaff Quaff meaning: A hearty draft Derived forms: quaffing, quaffs, quaffed Quotations: William Hazlitt – We quaff the cup …

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Quack meaning

quack meaning

Noun: quack Pronunciation: ( kwak ) Quack meaning: to make the characteristic cry of a duck An untrained person who pretends to be a physician and who dispenses medical advice. Synonyms: mountebank, phony, pretender Adjective: quack Quack meaning: Medically very much unqualified Verb: quack Quack meaning: Utter or make …

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Quell meaning

quell meaning

Verb: quell Pronunciation: (kwel) Quell meaning: Suppress or crush completely.To thoroughly overwhelm and reduce to submission. Quiet, pacify, overcome. Synonyms: quench, squelch, appease. Derived forms: quelling, quelled, quells Quotations: Karl Marx – Machines were, it may be …

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Quarry meaning

Plattsburgh Quarry meaning

Noun: quarry Pronunciation: (kwo`-ree) Quarry meaning: An open excavation usually for extracting stone, slate or limestone; also a rich source of something Synonyms: pit, stone pit Animal hunted or caught for food A person who …

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Quay meaning

quay meaning

Noun: quay Pronunciation: (kee) Quay meaning: A structure usually built parallel to the shoreline or bank to provide access to ships and boats. Synonyms: dock, wharf Quotations: Per Petterson – I went up above the quay …

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