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Canyon meaning

canyon meaning

Noun: canyon Pronunciation: (kan-yun) Canyon meaning: A deep valley with steep rock sides and often a stream or river flowing through it. A ravine formed by a river in an area with little rainfall. Synonyms: …

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Canopy meaning

aircraft canopy meaning

Noun: canopy Pronunciation: (ka-nu-pee) Canopy meaning: A covering which is usually of cloth that serves as a roof to shelter an area from the weather. The umbrella like part of a parachute that fills with …

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Caricature meaning

caricature meaning

Noun: caricature Pronunciation: (‘ka-ri-ku,tyur) Caricature meaning: A drawing that makes someone look funny or foolish because some part of the person’s appearance is exaggerated;A representation of a person that is exaggerated for comic effect. Someone or …

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Castigate meaning

castigate meaning

Verb: castigate Pronunciation: (‘kas-tu,geyt) Castigate meaning: To criticize someone harshly. Subject to severe punishment, reproof, or criticism.Inflict severe punishment on. Censure severely. Synonyms: chastise, penalize, punish Quotations: Jimmy Carter – I have been reluctant to publicly castigate …

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Cat-o’-nine-tails meaning

catoninetails meaning

Noun: cat-o’-nine-tails Pronunciation: (,ka-tu’nIn,teylz) Cat-o’-nine-tails meaning: A whip made of usually nine knotted cords fastened to a handle. Origin: From the resemblance of its scars to the scratches of a cat. Sample sentences: I have …

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Catapult meaning

catapult meaning

Noun: catapult Pronunciation: (‘ka-tu,pult) Catapult meaning: An ancient weapon used for throwing large rocks or a plaything consisting of a ‘Y’ shaped stick with elastic between the arms which is used to propel small stones. A …

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Canoe meaning

canoe meaning

Noun: canoe Pronunciation: (ku’noo) Canoe meaning: A long and narrow boat that is pointed at both ends and  is moved by a paddle with one blade. A small and light boat with both ends sharp and usually …

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Bacchanalia meaning

bacchanalia meaning

Noun: bacchanalia Pronunciation: (ba-ku’ney-lee-u) Bacchanalia meaning: A Roman festival of Bacchus(also called as Dionysus) celebrated with dancing, song and revelry. A wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity. Synonyms: bacchanal, debauch, drunken revelry Quotations: Unknown – …

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Baffle meaning

baffle meaning

Verb: baffle Pronunciation: (ba-ful) Baffle meaning: to confuse someone completely Be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly Synonyms: discombobulate, bewilder, befuddle, confuse, mystify Quotations: ThadMatta: We were struggling for answers defensively. That’s …

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Baboon meaning

baboon meaning

Noun: Baboon Pronunciation: (bu’boon) Baboon meaning: A large African or Asian monkey Large terrestrial monkeys having dog like muzzles Any of a genus of large gregarious primates of Africa and south western Asia having a long …

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