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Welter meaning

welter meaning

Noun: welter Pronunciation: (wel-tu(r)) Welter meaning: A confused multitude of things. A chaotic mass or jumble. Synonyms: clutter, fuddle, jumble, muddle Verb: welter Welter meaning: Be immersed in Roll about or lie in water or …

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Zeal meaning

zeal meaning

Noun: zeal Pronunciation: (zeel) Zeal meaning: Excitement, excessive fervor or passion to do something or accomplish some task. Prompt willingness Feeling of strong eagerness Synonyms: passion,excitement,devotion Quotations: Aldous Huxley – At least two thirds of our miseries spring …

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Wrench meaning

wrench meaning

Noun: wrench Pronunciation: (rench) Wrench meaning: A wrench is a tool consisting of a handle with one end designed to hold,twist and turn an object (such as bolt or nut) Something unpleasant that causes us …

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Abut meaning

these properties share a common boundary

Verb: Abut Pronunciation: (u’but) Abut meaning: To share a boundary or a common point. Synonyms: adjoin, border, neighbor. Derived forms: abutting, abutted, abuts Quotations: Arthur Tugman-We are all too familiar with opposition and Know nothing …

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Abusive meaning

abusive meaning

Adjective: abusive Pronunciation: (u’byoo-siv) Abusive meaning: Improper usage of language (harsh). Involving in violence and cruelty. Synonyms: opprobrious, contumelious, offensive, invective. Quotations: Mario Gonzalez- She started to receive abusive phone calls from angry citizens who accused her of …

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Abide meaning

abide meaning

Verb: abide Pronunciation: (u’bId) Abide meaning: To remain in a fixed state or to wait for. Tolerate patiently or without any objections. Synonyms: dwell, hang around, bide, stay Derived forms: abided, abiding, abides Quotations: Guru Nanak …

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Abate meaning

abate meaning

Verb: abate Pronunciation :( u’beyt) Abate meaning: To become less intense or widespread.To reduce in degree or intensity or to reduce in value or amount. Synonyms: diminish, decrease, decline. Derived forms: abates, abating, abated Quotations: …

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Supine meaning

supine meaning

Adjective: supine Pronunciation: (soo,pIn) Supine meaning:  Lying on the back or with the face upward. Exhibiting apathetic inertia or passivity. Leaning or sloping backward. Synonyms: inactive, resupine Quotations:  Eldridge Cleaver – There is no calamity which a …

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Barrister meaning

barrister meaning

Noun: barrister Pronunciation: (ber-is-tur) Barrister meaning: A lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law on behalf of either the defense or prosecution. Synonym: lawyer Quotations: Rachel Weisz – I once made the mistake of telling …

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Calisthenics meaning

calisthenics meaning

Noun: calisthenics Pronunciation: (ka-lis’the-niks) Calisthenics meaning:  Light exercises designed to promote general fitness, strength. The practice of calisthenic exercises which are systematic, rhythmic bodily exercises performed usually without apparatus. Synonyms: callisthenics, exercise, workout Quotations:  Dorothy Parker …

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