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Enervate meaning

enervate meaning and facts about the sun

Verb: enervate Pronunciation: (‘e-nu(r),veyt) Enervate meaning: to destroy the mental or moral vigor of weaken or cause to feel drained of energy Synonyms: faze, unnerve, rattle, fatigue, debilitate Adjective: enervated (enervated = without vigor or …

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Chasm meaning

Noun: chasm Pronunciation: (ka-zum) Chasm meaning: A deep crack in the earth’s surface. Synonyms: abyss , abysm, gulf Meaning 2 : a marked division or breach in relations between persons or groups. Sample sentence : Gandhiji …

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facet meaning


Noun: facet Pronunciation: (fa-sit) Facet meaning: a small plane surface or one side of something many-sided (as on a cut gemstone).  Synonyms : plane, side, part.  Sample sentence: A facet could also be a smooth, flat area on a hard surface,especially on a bone. a …

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Demented meaning


Adjective: demented Pronunciation: (di’men-tid) Demented meaning: Suffering from(dementia = mental disorder marked by memory failures, impaired reasoning). Crazy; mad;insane or brain sick Synonyms : unbalanced, mad, mental Origin : Latin demens ‘insane’ To know more …

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Cornice meaning


Noun: cornice Pronunciation: (kor-nis) Cornice meaning: A horizontal moulded projection crowning a building or structure. A moulding round the wall of a room just below the ceiling. The topmost projecting part of an entablature Verb …

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Debris meaning


Noun: debris Pronunciation: (du’bree) Debris meaning: Scattered pieces of rubbish The remains of something that has been destroyed. Synonyms : dust, junk,(detritus = remains of something that has been destroyed or loose material that is …

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Adrift meaning


Adjective: adrift Pronunciation: (u`drift) Adrift meaning: floating without control and without anchor or mooring ( mooring = act of making fast a boat with anchors).              Similar word: afloat Aimlessly …

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Prop meaning


Noun: prop Pronunciation: (próp) Prop meaning: A pole or beam placed beneath something to keep it from falling or shaking. (used as a temporary support)              Synonym: support A portable …

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Eyrie meaning or Aerie meaning


Noun: eyrie Pronunciation: (i-u-ree) Eyrie meaning: Large nest of a bird of prey (example:- eagle or hawk or vulture ) on a cliff. Synonyms : aerie, eyry, aery Origin : Medieval Latin Quotations: J.R.R.Tolkien – …

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Wring meaning


Verb: wring Pronunciation: (ring) Wring meaning: Squeeze and twist to force liquid from or compress in order to extract liquid           Synonyms: crush,mash, squash, squeeze Twist and compress       …

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