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Boorishness meaning

grobianism meaning

Noun: boorishness Pronunciation: (bor-ish-nus) Boorishness meaning: The manner of a rude or insensitive person Inelegance by virtue of being an uncouth boor Synonyms: grobianism, uncouth, discourteous, unladylike, ill-bred, churlish, gruff Adverb: boorishly Adjective: boorish Quotations: Lucius ... Read More »

Grobianism meaning

grobianism meaning

Noun: grobianism Pronunciation: (gro-bi-an-ism) Grobianism meaning: Slovenly behavior or boorishness. Very rude and lacking good manners. Synonyms: boorishness Quotations: Anonymous – Grobianism should not be encouraged since it is no good. Sample sentences: Grobians are ... Read More »

Disdainful meaning

fastuous meaning

Adjective: disdainful Pronunciation: (dis’deyn-ful) Disdainful meaning: Expressing extreme contempt. Synonyms: contemptuous, insulting, scornful Having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy. Synonyms: haughty, imperious, prideful, supercilious, swaggering, fastuous, ostentatious ... Read More »

Ostentatious meaning

fastuous meaning

Adjective: ostentatious Pronunciation: (ós,ten’tey-shus) Ostentatious meaning: Intended to attract notice and impress others. Marked by conspicuous and sometimes pretentious display. Tawdry or vulgar. Lack of respect. Synonyms: pretentious, conspicuous, obtrusive, flamboyant, gaudy, garish, tinsel, brash, ... Read More »

Haughty meaning

fastuous meaning

Adjective: haughty Pronunciation: (ho-tee) Haughty meaning: Having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy. Insulting attitude of people where they think that they are better, smarter and more important ... Read More »

Fastuous meaning

fastuous meaning

Adjective: fastuous Pronunciation: (fas-choo-us) Fastuous meaning: Proud; haughty; disdainful; arrogant Ostentatious or very showy. Synonyms: ostentatious, haughty, disdainful, scornful Related terms: fastuousness Quotations: Loren Berengere – It’s not fastuous, not circuitous, and not hotchpotch. It’s ... Read More »

Parsimonious meaning

tightwad meaning

Adjective: parsimonious Pronunciation: (paa(r)-su’mow-nee-us) Parsimonious meaning: Excessively unwilling to spend money. Exhibited or marked by parsimony. Synonyms: miserly, penurious, niggardly, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, close-fisted, ungenerous, tightwad Adverb: parsimoniously Quotations: Henry Ward Beecher – By labor the ... Read More »

Impoverish meaning

destitute meaning

Verb: impoverish Pronunciation: (im’pó-vu-rish) Impoverish meaning: Make poor Exhaust the strength or vitality of or become poor. Synonyms: immiserate, penury, destitute, indigence, pauperism Derived forms: impoverishing, impoverishes, impoverished Quotations: Frederic Bastiat – They will come ... Read More »

Indigence meaning

destitute meaning

Noun: indigence Pronunciation: (in-di-jun(t)s) Indigence meaning: A state of extreme poverty or destitution. Synonyms: need, penury, pauperism, destitution, impoverished Derived forms: indigences Quotations: James Madison – Measures should be enacted which, without violating the rights ... Read More »

Indigent meaning

destitute meaning

Adjective: indigent Pronunciation: (in-di-junt) Indigent meaning: Poor enough to need help from others. Synonyms: destitute, impoverished, needy, penury, pauperism, parsimonious Noun: indigent Indigent meaning: A person who is very poor. Synonyms: pauper, poor, impecunious Derived ... Read More »

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