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Words starting with W

Wrick meaning


Noun: wrick Pronunciation:(rik) Wrick meaning: A painful muscle spasm especially in the neck or back Synonyms: crick, kink, rick Verb: wrick Pronunciation:(rik) Wrick meaning: Twist suddenly so as to sprain Synonyms: twist, sprain, wrench, turn, …

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Woebegone meaning

dead duck meaning

Adjective: woebegone Pronunciation: (wow-bi,gón) Woebegone meaning: Completely worn and broken down by hard use Full of grief or woe or miserable in appearance Synonyms: creaky, decrepit, derelict, woeful Quotations: Cynthia Heimel – All men are …

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Waft meaning

zephyr meaning

Verb: waft Pronunciation: (woft) Waft meaning: Be driven or carried along, as by the air. To mover very lightly through the air. Blow gently. Synonyms: zephyr, breeze, puff Noun: waft Waft meaning: A long flag; …

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Waggle meaning

dog's wagging tail - wag meaning

Verb: waggle Pronunciation: (wa-gul) Waggle meaning: Move from side to side. Synonym: wag Move unsteadily or with a weaving or rolling motion. Synonym: wamble Noun: waggle Waggle meaning: Causing to move repeatedly from side to …

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Word meaning

word meaning

Noun: word Pronunciation: (wurd) Word meaning: A unit of language that native speakers can identify. Sample sentences: 1. She hardly said ten words all morning. 2. Words are the building blocks from which sentences are …

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Wake meaning

wake meaning

Noun: wake Pronunciation: (weyk) Wake meaning: The wave that spreads behind a boat as it moves forward in the water. Consequences of an event.( Example: In the wake of the accident no one knew how …

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Welter meaning

welter meaning

Noun: welter Pronunciation: (wel-tu(r)) Welter meaning: A confused multitude of things. A chaotic mass or jumble. Synonyms: clutter, fuddle, jumble, muddle Verb: welter Welter meaning: Be immersed in Roll about or lie in water or …

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Wrench meaning

wrench meaning

Noun: wrench Pronunciation: (rench) Wrench meaning: A wrench is a tool consisting of a handle with one end designed to hold,twist and turn an object (such as bolt or nut) Something unpleasant that causes us …

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Whet meaning

whet meaning

Verb: whet Pronunciation: (wet) Whet meaning: Sharpen by rubbing, as on a whetstone. To make keen or more acute. Synonyms: stimulate, excite, quicken Derived forms: whets, whetted, whetting Quotations: John Barton – To me many short poems …

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Wilt meaning

wilt meaning

Verb: wilt Pronunciation:(wilt) Wilt meaning: Lose strength. To lose turgor from lack of water. Become limp. Synonyms: droop, sag, swag, languish. Noun: wilt Wilt meaning: Any plant disease characterized by drooping and shriveling; usually caused …

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