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Yak meaning

yak meaning

Noun: yak Pronunciation: (yak) Yak meaning: A large long-haired wild or domesticated ox of Tibet and adjacent elevated parts of central Asia. Verb: yak Yak meaning: Talk profusely Talk incessantly and tiresomely Synonyms: gab, jaw, ... Read More »

Yoke meaning

yoke meaning

Noun: yoke Pronunciation: (yowk) Yoke meaning: A wooden crosspiece that is fastened over the necks of two animals and attached to the plow or cart that they are to pull. The modern yoke for oxen is usually ... Read More »

Yeoman meaning

yeoman meaning

Noun: yeoman Pronunciation: (yow-mun) Yeoman meaning: An attendant in a royal or noble household. Synonyms: beefeater, yeoman of the guard A person who owns and cultivates a small farm, specifically in former times. Synonyms: freeholder ... Read More »

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