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Creaky meaning

Adjective: creaky

Pronunciation: (kree-kee)

Creaky meaning:

  • Worn and broken down by hard use

Synonyms: decrepit, derelict, flea-bitten, run-down, woebegone

  • Having a rasping or grating sound

Synonyms: screaky

  • Of or pertaining to arthritis

Synonyms: arthritic, rheumatic, rheumatoid, rheumy

Derived forms: creakiest, creakier

creaky meaning or creaky is worn down by hard use.
Worn and broken down by hard use

Quotations: Stanley Klein – It’s time to turn the Nassau party over to younger leadership. The party base is older, creaky and the arteries are getting harder for the heart to pump.

William Somerset Lovers, nowadays, are much too middle-aged, and their joints are creaky.

Ruth Belmore – Aunty Rose climbed into the creaky old vehicle.

Rudyard Kipling – Then Disco obliged with his second song, to an old-fashioned creaky tune, and all joined in the chorus.

Frank L. Packard – The frame building was an old affair, and the floors therefore would be outrageously creaky.

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott – Then your father jumped up and walked hard on the creaky floor.

Sample sentences:

  1. Her voice was rough and creaky.
  2. The children are taking turns up and down the creaky stairs to bathe in the big tub and to wash their hairs.
  3. It’s huge, with a wood floor that is cracked and creaky and has a large circle painted in the middle.
  4. The walls spoke their own creaky language, the floors crackled, motors hummed somewhere, the humming almost human.
  5. We began to climb the creaky steps, which had not been waxed in a long time.
  6. As I walked, I built it back up with prayer, hung the door on its creaky hinges, nailed the floorboards down, and fitted the transoms.
  7. But that’s a dark and creaky thing that moves like a snail and smells of sour milk.
  8. I think it must be another building like the building, filled with long creaky corridors and shelves of pickled lizards and ox eyes.
  9. I sat in one of the creaky folding chairs and rested my head against the wall with my eyes closed.
  10. The stench of something dank, like mildew, bludgeoned my nostrils the moment someone opened the door that led down the creaky steps to the basement.
  11. The prospect of creaky floors and protesting boards was not a pleasant one.
  12. Since the building was of wood, I had to exercise great caution in moving about, so creaky were the boards.
  13. She answered disgusted, and pounded over the creaky floor to a cupboard out of which she took some dishes.
  14. The expression tickled him into a creaky, croaky sort of laugh.
  15. She heard him very distinctly on the creaky board at the head of the stairs, and her heart beat to suffocation.
  16. Tingling with excitement, she arrayed herself finally in the luxuriantly muffling black and gold splendor, and started cautiously down the long, creaky front stairs.
  17. Then, with his arm across my cringing shoulders, we fumbled our way down the long, creaky stairs.
  18. This is going to be a creaky day.
  19. They must have been exhausted, lame, besides, to judge from the creaky way they moved.
  20. There was always the scuffling of Merlin’s feet, and now and again the old man’s creaky voice rose in weird incantations.