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Deviant meaning

Adjective: deviant

Pronunciation: (dee-vee-unt)

Deviant meaning: Markedly different from an accepted norm

Synonyms: aberrant, deviate

Noun: deviant

Pronunciation: (dee-vee-unt)

Deviant meaning:

  • A person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior
  • A thing, phenomenon, or trend that deviates from an expectation or pattern

Derived forms: deviants

A person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable. Deviant and deviant meaning

Quotations: Anton Lavey – Yeah, well, I’m crazy, but I’m not stupid, hopefully. And I think we’re all a bit crazy if we do anything that’s deviant. I’ve studied a great deal on deviance and aberrant behavior. Most of the interesting people I’ve ever met have been deviant in one form or another.

Seth Green – Benny Hill’s character is this twisted sexual deviant who professes his love for obese women, which I thought was so funny. There was nothing like that in this movie, so I thought it would be fun to play my character as someone who had no social graces, yet was embittered by the fact he was universally refused by women.

Michael Sandstrom – To what extent is a deviant type of behavior? We expect people to be responsible citizens and obey the law; is it being in vogue to put blame on a quirk in their biology?

Timothy Judge – They may control one form of behavior, but the problem is employees become deviant in other behaviors that are less observable and less easy to control.

John Murphy – We’re not against safe environments. Our issue is that they’re introducing what we believe to be deviant sexual scenarios into the minds of these little children, and any of those kinds of conversation should be done by the parents at home.

Wen Jiang – Epsilon 15’s tail, for example, has six ‘spikes’ in it, but they aren’t arranged in a neat hexagonal ring. They’re highly deviant. Because they’re so off-kilter, only two of the spikes actually grasp the shell surface. It’s probably not very exciting news to anyone who doesn’t look at these things for a living, but what it shows us is that the viral world holds many unexpected secrets, and if we’re going to unlock them, we need to see them first.

Sample sentences:

  1. In the U.S. you have to be a deviant or exist in dreary boredom. Make no mistake; all intellectuals are deviants in the U.S.
  2. We’ve had communications technology in workplace for a long time. The norms are about appropriate use – some things are deviant, others are illegal.
  3. The more deviant you can be, the better. Kids love to see you get kicked out of places. I, personally, am banned from Nassau County in New York.
  4. The political process will become meaningful only if level of violence and support to cross-border terrorism comes down and those who are supporting it must distance themselves from this deviant activity.
  5. One begins to need more and more intense stimuli in order to produce the same type of arousal; it creates a greater appetite for more bizarre, more deviant types of sexual images.
  6. The Oxford English Dictionary definition is a sexual deviant, especially a child molester.
  7. People whose greatest crime might have been lack of enthusiasm feared that they might be suspected of deviant political beliefs.
  8. Lowie further writes that the horse of a deviant hunter would be beaten and that any buffalo hides taken by him would be destroyed.
  9. It smelled the outpouring of certain glands, tasted a deviant brain wave.
  10. It was deviant more for him in the sense of diverging from the mainstream than anything significantly pejorative.
  11. There are many among the cultures of the stars who would consider your race deviant and deadly.
  12. There’s nothing shameful, deviant or weird about either of them.
  13. I almost lost my temper, thinking of this deviant’s crimes.
  14. Under the circumstances, deviant behavior could not be tolerated.
  15. The families of such social deviants were pitied and aided, but the offending individuals were avoided.
  16. A rebel has certain basic deviant characteristics and we can’t overcome them sufficiently to make happy, well-adjusted workers out of you.
  17. If one is such a deviant, they think she is crazy.
  18. Another deviant, already tried and found guilty, was ready to be exiled from Earth and imprisoned on one of the Penal Asteroids.
  19. But it also means that they are seen as exciting and deviant.
  20. Computer scientists often assume that prejudice and hate are deviant behavior outside mainstream society.