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Elan meaning

Noun: elan

Pronunciation: (eylan or elan)

Elan meaning:

  • A feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favour of a person or cause)
  • Distinctive and stylish elegance
  • Enthusiastic and assured vigor and liveliness

Synonyms: ardor, ardour, zeal, panache, style

elan. elan meaning
Great enthusiasm and energy

Elan means enthusiasm and vigor.

Derived forms: elans

Quotations: General George Catlett Marshall – Morale is the state of mind. It is steadfastness and courage and hope. It is confidence and zeal and loyalty. It is elan, esprit de corps and determination.

John McLaughlin – He came in at a difficult moment, and I think got off to a rocky start. Porter Goss came in at a time when the challenges were particularly difficult, hard to overcome, and when the agency was struggling to regain its balance and the traditional elan than it has had over the years.

Tom Brokaw – Peter, of the three of us, was our prince. He seemed so timeless. He had such elan and style.

Paul Beaver – France, under President Jacques Chirac, has emerged as the most assertive member of the trio. He wants to get France back to the top of the agenda, he’s going to do a lot of things, most of which we have to allow a little bit of French elan for, a little bit of their style of doing things, but the French nonetheless have a competent military, they have very strong foreign policy objectives. I think we’ll see them pursue them.

Stephen Marlowe – Mayhem’s elan is quite capable of possessing a living host.

George T.Ferris – In these works the musician finds nerve, sparkle, elan, and brightness combined with technical charm and richness of thought.

Mary Johnston – Men of all ranks, committed to the great venture, moved with a determined gaiety and elan.

Sample sentences:

  1. It lifted them with a force, a decision, an elan, which surprised us.
  2. He imposed firm discipline, and yet contrived to preserve the elan of the revolutionary spirit.
  3. Pride and elan in his gait, and in the old enchanting smile upon his lips real chivalry at last.
  4. She gazed around with lustrous, excited eyes; then, she turned toward Baynell, and with infinite elan, she smartly delivered the military salute.
  5. Voltaire poured a gay yet bitter elan into the intellectual movement of his time.
  6. The common people felt an independence, a pride, an elan, which sent a thrill of vigor through every department of industry and adventure.
  7. He couldn’t remain in one body more than a month: it would mean the final death of his elan, his bodiless sentience.
  8. What worried him was the roaring in his ears, the vertigo, the mental confusion as his elan drifted, its thirty days up, toward death.
  9. They have no elan, no resilience or vitality.
  10. Then he felt a wrenching pain, and all at once his elan floated, serene, peaceful, in limbo.
  11. His dark eyes sparked above his teguelmoust veil and he presented himself before Homer Crawford with the elan of a Napoleonic cavalryman before his emperor.
  12. Some had been running with such elan that in falling their shoulders had fairly plo. The attempt succeeded, and the nation, in the elan of its new unity and energy, set out to conquer its into the soft ground.
  13. They’ve got the docile Javanese blood, plus the Arabian elan.
  14. How they lack that infectious ardeur, that splendid elan which characterizes every little poilu!
  15. The elan of rush, plunge and recovery could not excite Mamise now.
  16. The deal also is, every inhabited world has a body waiting for his elan in cold storage.
  17. The French Second Division advanced with great gallantry and elan.
  18. Yet this alone cannot assure efficiency in training or a battle elan which is the result of proper training methods.
  19. Besides, there isn’t any dead body awaiting his elan on that ship or any ship.
  20. The attempt succeeded, and the nation, in the elan of its new unity and energy, set out to conquer its neighbors.
  21. But we cannot thus account for the elan vital itself.
  22. We could always pluck his elan out again.
  23. Energy and conviction and elan are not usually resigned to all obstacles and resignation is often lassitude.
  24. Do you think we really can halt his elan in subspace and divert it over to the Glory of the Galaxy?
  25. While I am rushing forward, surpassing myself in an elan vital, suddenly the awful check grips my back wheel, or my front wheel, or both.
  26. It had nerve, elan, sheer grit enough for a dozen, but it was out-metalled.
  27. And the men, themselves, in addition to their characteristic elan, possess that invaluable quality which the German soldier lacks—initiative.
  28. For what might be called the elan vital of the problem they had no patience.
  29. How is the mounted infantryman, lacking the elan and spirit of the cavalryman, to meet the situation?
  30. There is a French word, elan, which has been much overworked in describing French character.