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Amazing Facts about Neptune

Neptune is the most distant planet from the Sun and is the eighth planet from the Sun and is a gas-giant planet.  Let us see the facts about Neptune.

facts about neptune

1.  Neptune was first observed in 1846 and by using mathematical predictions its position was determined.

2.  Neptune is named after the Roman god of the sea.

3.  Neptune completes one rotation in 18 hours, as it spins very rapidly, because the planet is mostly gaseous.

4.  It takes 164.8 Earth years for Neptune to complete its revolution.  During this trip some parts of planet get 42 years of sunlight and the rest of the time it is darkness.

5.  Neptune has a greater mass than Uranus, despite  being smaller than Uranus.

6.  Neptune’s atmosphere is made of helium and hydrogen, with some methane.  The planet appears in a lovely blue color.

7.  Neptune unlike the most planets, has a active climate.  High speed winds track around the planet at speeds of 1,340 kilometers per second.  Large storms whirl in its upper atmosphere.  The Great Dark Spot is the largest storm, which lasted for five years.

8.  Similar to Saturn and Uranus, Neptune has a thing collection of rings.  These rings are made up of ice particles mixed with dust grains and these are coated with a carbon-based substance.

9.  Neptune has 14 satellites, of which Triton is a frozen one that is spewing dust particles and nitrogen ice out from its surface.  In the solar system, it is probably the coldest world.

10.  The Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft that has flown by Neptune, in 1989.  Studies on the planet are mostly done by NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

11.  Neptune’s gravity is greater than that of Earth, which is around 17% strong.

12. Neptune is nearly four times the size of Earth.

Statistical facts about Neptune

13.  Neptune is heavier than Earth, it has a mass of 102,410,000,000,000,000 billion kg.

14.  Neptune’s polar diameter is 49,324 kilometers.

15.  Neptune’s equatorial diameter is 49,528 kilometers.

16.  Neptune’s equatorial circumference is 154,704.6 kilometers.

17.   Neptune has 14 satellites, Tritan is the notable one.

18.  Neptune’s orbit period is 60,190.03 Earth days, which is 164.79 Earth years.

19.  Neptune orbit distance is 4,498,396,441 kilometers.

20.  Surface temperature on Neptune is -201 °C.

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