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How to set ringtone on OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3

Congrats for purchasing a flagship killer! After using this device I could definitely say that their best phone got even better. I had great experience till now and didn’t face any problem yet. Well, let me get into the topic of discussion here. Many OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 smartphone users do not know that they could easily set their custom ringtone for text messages, phone calls and other notifications by following few easy steps or using other third party applications available to download in play store. I suggest that there is no need to download any kind of third party application to set a ringtone of your choice.

Below are the two easy methods using which you can set ringtone on OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3.

How to set ringtone on OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 without using any application

  1. Go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Under Device section, check for Sound option and tap on it.
  3. In Ringtone section you can find Phone ringtone option where you do have an option to select different ringtone for SIM 1 and SIM 2 and select the same ringtone for both the SIMs.
  4. Select “Set Ringtone for each SIM card” option to set different ringtone for SIM 1 and SIM 2 or just deselect the option so that the same ringtone is available for both SIMs.
  5. Select SIM card 1 or SIM card 2 after choosing Set Ringtone for each SIM card.
  6. You can find default ringtones and an option called “Local ring tone”. Tap on that option to select the music of your choice from internal storage and hear it whenever someone calls.

set ringtone on oneplus 3t and oneplus 3, set ringtone for each SIM card

custom message tone for oneplus 3 and oneplus 3t

How to set ringtone on OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 using music player

Usually all the music players have a feature which allows user to set a music file as ringtone. To demonstrate the steps I am using Poweramp music player, most popular and my favorite. If you have not downloaded it yet, you can follow this link to download:

  1. Go to Library and navigate to All songs
  2. Select the song or mp3 file which you want to use as ringtone
  3. Tap on the dropdown available across each song
  4. Click on the more option to find the Ringtone option

set ringtone using application

Set custom ringtone/different ringtone for each contact:

Things will be well organized and it will be easy to make out who is calling you or what kind of notification it is when you set a different ringtone for each thing. Here are the steps to set custom ringtone for each contact in OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3.

  1. Go to the Dialer app ->Contacts
  2. Browse and select the contact for which you want to set a custom ringtone.
  3. Tap on the Ringtone option.
  4. You can select from the available default tones or go ahead and find the option “Local ring tone” from where you can set a different ringtone from internal storage.

Add custom message tones: To add mp3 files of your choice as custom ringtones or notifications tone, follow the above mentioned steps and check the message ringtone settings to find music of your choice. Do you know that you could use your custom ringtones as notification tones for Gmail and other mailing applications? Under notification settings for email account, just choose the ringtone of your choice.

That’s it. Please let us know by commenting below if you face any difficulty while setting ringtone on your Oneplus 3T / OnePlus 3.